The CMR Group is able to consult on High Risk and Specialized Operations worldwide.  The CMR Group’s Consultants have training and experience in various high risk and hostile environments.  We are able to provide individually tailored consultancy to meet the unique needs and requests of our clients.  No matter the location or need, CMR will work with our client to see that their needs are taken care of and they are properly versed on the steps needed to advance their situation in a positive manner.  Such specialized consulting may include topics such as:

• Anti-Trafficking and Anti-Smuggling
• Missing Person Recovery
• Kidnap and Ransom Consulting
• Hostage Rescue
• Anti and Counter Terrorism
• Hostile and Remote Operations Support
• Police and Law Enforcement Support
• Counter Narcotics
• High Risk Fugitive Recovery
• High Risk Prisoner Transport
• Reconnaissance
• Border Control & Security
• Post-Conflict Observation
• Stability and Peacekeeping
• Surveillance Detection and Countermeasures
• Asset Tracking and Recovery
• Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing
• Conflict Resolution