The CMR Group, llc is a privately owned, professional services business, specializing in Risk Management and Emergency Response Consulting.  The CMR Group’s Risk Management Operations is concentrated and focused on the public and private sectors, while providing Risk Management and Pro-Active Consulting worldwide.  The CMR Group’s Emergency Response Operations is also, focused on both the public and private sectors, while providing Emergency Response Consulting on all natural and man-made disasters and emergencies worldwide.  The CMR Group makes it’s Operational Services available to government agencies, private corporations, non-governmental organizations, and private individuals.

The CMR Group is a highly respected provider of Risk Management and Emergency Response Operations.  Collaborating with the client, CMR applies distinctive management and business techniques to help identify our clients’ past, present, and future needs.  CMR then crafts a comprehensive solution, unique to each client and their needs to ensure a positive outcome in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The CMR Group’s Consultants all have backgrounds in Military, Law Enforcement, or Private Sector Security.  Each Consultant has excelled in their respective discipline and has taken the necessary measures to apply their skills and operate in the private sector.  Our Consultants have training and operational experience in various countries throughout the world including: USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Canada, Kosovo, Bosnia, Puerto Rico, as well as higher risk  countries such as: Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico, Nigeria, Tunisia, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, and Colombia.

Two distinctive advantage The CMR Group has over others are:
1. CMR does not incur constant overhead costs
2. CMR Consultants are called upon at a per client basis
*This allows CMR to pass the savings on to our clients and not charge for services that are not directly resulting from their specific task.

When a licensed security agency is needed, The CMR Group will sub-contract a vetted, trusted licensed agency to complete all necessary work while our Consultants will maintain 100% over-watch to include all operational aspects.